vbcc 0.9g and vasm 1.8g released

We just released version 0.9g of our portable and retargetable ISO-C compiler:

Besides some enhancements and numerous bug fixes the focus was on improving the m68k-kick13 target and adding a 16-bit int mode, which was common in the early Amiga years (and may be useful for 68000 code).

Amiga installers are available for AmigaOS 2/3/4, MorphOS, PowerUp and WarpOS. For all other systems a working cross compiler is just a "make TARGET=m68k" away.

Video tutorials

Today we added a new section about Video Tutorials. There we can have videos that have to do with development on AmigaOS 4.

You can add your own videos, that should be hosted in YouTube or Vimeo. To do that, there is a new link 'Add a video tutorial', under 'Myaccount' menu item.

If you would like support more video providers, send us a message from Contact us form.

Let's create and add here more helpful tutorials for all of us. Updates

We would like to inform you that since today you can upload files at your forum topics as well as when you reply. The maximum number of files are 5 and currently allows the upload of the following file types: txt, lha, zip, jpg, png, jpeg, gif, readme.

In case you guys need different file types to be supported, please inform us from the contact page.

We hope this feature will be useful for you all.

New CodeBench version

The old saying goes: "No news is good news!"

It seems incredible to think that there has not been a public update for 4 years! Just where does the time go?

Well, we think its time to change that. It is understandable to think this project may well have been abandoned due to the silence, but one thing we hate is to announce something before it is ready.

So without further ado:
CodeBench 0.55 is now AVAILABLE for download.


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Just noticed this, nice one!
Downloading now....


New forum for Qt ports

A new forum added that is about Qt ports for AmigaOS 4. If you worked on a port or you want to do one and you need help, add there your questions. If you need to request a port, you can also add this there, where developers will see it and maybe someone decide to work on the application.
The new forum can be found here.

If you already did a port and you want to say a few words on how you did it, what problems you had, a new blog article is always a great way to inform users about.