New AmigaOS 4.1 SDK 53.34 available now

Hyperion Entertainment is very pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new and updated Software Developer Kit (SDK) for the latest version of AmigaOS 4.1. (i.e. after applying all the publicly released updates).

This new SDK replaces all older versions of the SDK as well as any updates thereof as everything is included such as (but not limited to):

  • ExecSG SDK 54.26 (10.12.2021)
  • AmiSSL 4.11 SDK
  • MUI-5.0-20210831 SDK
  • DOS SDK 54.117 (14.10.2021)
  • Updated header and documentation files (as of 22.11.2021).

Hyperion Entertainment wishes to extend its special thanks and appreciation to George Sokianos as well as the AmigaOS 4.x development team for making this happen.

Please note that at this time GCC and the other tools were not yet updated but are scheduled for release with a new version of the SDK in the course of 2022.

Hyperion Entertainment as well as the AmigaOS development teams and beta-testing teams wish you happy holidays in these dark times!