Amiga OS 4.1FE

Amiga Game Framework is a general-purpose framework aimed at game and multimedia programming on AmigaOS 4. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive C API for 2D graphics, playing sounds, reading user input, and more. Everything a 2D game developer needs.

Amiga Game Framework has the following features:

Spotless is a source debugging tool for Amiga. Distinguishing qualities compared to similar software is simplicity and completeness. Spotless is written in c++ and the code is open at this point for public inspection. Spotless has a ReAction frontend, but also comes as a standalone cli tool.

InstallerGen is a small application for generating basic installer scripts for use with Commodore's original Installer tool. It takes a lot of the mundane coding out of the equation using a nice MUI window to arrange the steps the installer should take. Files can be added individually, or in bulk, and sanity checks will be carried out to warn you of some potential issues. As it's only simple however, it can't replace the more powerful features of the Installer language, but it can save you a lot of the legwork!

SMBMounter is a simple commodity with an easy-to-use GUI which allows you to save a list of shares, create and edit them easily, and mount and unmount them at the click of a button. Because it's a commodity, it will happily sit in the background and pop up whenever required with a hotkey. It uses SMBFS (and portions of Samba) to do the actual nitty-gritty networking stuff, but takes the nasty edge off coming up with the command-line arguments yourself.

This project is an "Alien Executable" Launcher with Virtual Machine and Emulator functions,
written for AmigaOS 3.x and 4.x to support *host*ing virtual machines with Emulation if needed.

NOT to be confused with running AmigaOS4.x on a Virtual Machine (STOP ASKING ABOUT THIS!!!)

Capure Challange is a game for programmers based on the ACM Queue programming challenge of 2010.

It provides the engine for a game of "capture the pucks" between two strategy programs running as separate processes.

The OS4Depot download is at capturecontest.lha.

A simple program using PIPE: to provide a logging window for multiple clients to send messages into.

Editor for creating/updating AmigaGuide Files.

Aglet Native PPC Modula-2 Compiler for Amiga OS4

Simple IDE for editing, compiling, linking
Support for Amiga Library Interfaces
Programming Support modules for Amiga specific and general usages.


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