Amiga Game Framework



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Amiga Game Framework is a general-purpose framework aimed at game and multimedia programming on AmigaOS 4. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive C API for 2D graphics, playing sounds, reading user input, and more. Everything a 2D game developer needs.

Amiga Game Framework has the following features:

  • Window and fullscreen modes
  • Uses datatypes for loading bitmap graphics and sample sounds
  • Bitmap image and graphical primitive drawing
  • Font loading and drawing
  • Drawing with direct ARGB colors (no pens)
  • Support for loadable palettes (unlimited palette size) where ARGB values can be fetched
  • Built-in 64 color palette
  • Bitmap scrolling
  • Animated sprites (BOBs) using sprite sheets
  • Keyboard, USB joysticks & game controllers, and mouse input
  • Audio playback through AHI
  • Networking API to create multiplayer online games


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