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MUI Builder is a working title for a project currently in development (Started November 2014). As the project title suggests this a tool exclusively aimed at developers wanting to create software for AmigaOS. The initially release is aimed at Hollywood users, in particular those wanting to develop fully-featured applications that utilise the MUI(Royale) GUI framework. From this initial release, which will be under a commercial license through AmiStore, it is envisaged that support for other programming languages be added. I would like to make it be known that I will absolutely need support from a willing developer with suitable experience of C and MUI in order for this to happen. Please keep an eye on all the usual places online for further updates. Here is an earlier development video showing progress: MUI Builder video on YouTube Download Link (preview version): boogiebeats.co.uk/amiga/Evolve.lha Please submit bug reports to rikki.lake@ntlworld.com