MUI Builder is a working title for a project currently in development (Started November 2014). As the project title suggests this a tool exclusively aimed at developers wanting to create software for AmigaOS.

The initially release is aimed at Hollywood users, in particular those wanting to develop fully-featured applications that utilise the MUI(Royale) GUI framework.

InstallerGen is a small application for generating basic installer scripts for use with Commodore's original Installer tool. It takes a lot of the mundane coding out of the equation using a nice MUI window to arrange the steps the installer should take. Files can be added individually, or in bulk, and sanity checks will be carried out to warn you of some potential issues. As it's only simple however, it can't replace the more powerful features of the Installer language, but it can save you a lot of the legwork!

Gui4Cli is an interpreted event driven language developed by D. Keletsekis, which i ported to OS4 and am trying to maintain.

As using Gui4Cli takes most of my available programming time and my C-experoence is limited.
All the help i can get is wellcome.

Designed purely for use on the latest version of AmigaOS, CodeBench is a management system that is modular to allow adaptation to various programming languages.

Utilizing a "project" based system, all files are grouped together by type and are easily accessible from the Project Window. Editing is a simple matter of selecting the required file and it is opened in the built-in editor. Creating the finished article from the project is a one click event from the toolbar.

Editor for creating/updating AmigaGuide Files.

Aglet Native PPC Modula-2 Compiler for Amiga OS4

Simple IDE for editing, compiling, linking
Support for Amiga Library Interfaces
Programming Support modules for Amiga specific and general usages.

PortablE is my attempt to recreate AmigaE from scratch, along with all the
improvements I have wanted. And while AmigaE only worked on AmigaOS3, PortablE also works on AmigaOS4, AROS, MorphOS, and even Windows!

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