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* Project:Load - Menus will now load into the interface * PageView, ProgressBar, Statusbar, TextEntry RapaGUI Classes added * Most of the RapaGUI Classes are now apart of the build sequence
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Currently looking for experienced testers. Essential Skills:
  • Understanding of XML
  • Understanding of UX Design
  • Methodical
  • Competent Tester
Desirable Skills:
  • Hollywood
  • MUI Royale
  • RapaGUI
  • ProAction
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[b] 2 december 2014[/b] [b]Full operational working of set dateformat and new internal variables concerning file's datestamp.[/b]
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With the framework core library made, An internalized Polymorph-VMM daemon presenting a centralized commodity. I have been focusing on the filter/loader First the minimal OS patch, Second is binding the CX Enable/Disable Third is to Identify the Object Fourth is to open a binding plugin


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