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* Project:Load - Menus will now load into the interface
* PageView, ProgressBar, Statusbar, TextEntry RapaGUI Classes added
* Most of the RapaGUI Classes are now apart of the build sequence

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16 april 2012
-bug on quitting removed
-treewalk function used for Action & LVAction commands (recursive actionson subdirectories) now rewritten correctly using ObtainDirContext & ExamineDir. Action is executed on the full tree.

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I updated my homepage. I hope finding the essential archives and how to install Gui4Cli is clear now.

There is now an html version of the user documentation on line too.
( A datestamp would be nice)

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This is an article in the making.
I am dumping here my questions and hopefull progressing understanding of gui creation on the Amiga from its first appearance on the Amiga till now.

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What is Gui4Cli
Gui4Cli is a simple but powerfull language created by D. Keletsekis around the beginning of this century.

It is an interpreted language with very good debugging possibilities.

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