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16 april 2012
-bug on quitting removed
-treewalk function used for Action & LVAction commands (recursive actionson subdirectories) now rewritten correctly using ObtainDirContext & ExamineDir. Action is executed on the full tree.

17 march 2012
Use of subroutines (GOSUB) works OK now from the console. Variables can be set too.

12 march 2012
Added a "consolemode" to Gui4Cli

You enter consolemode when a guiwindow is active, using Ctl_K.
You quit this mode & return to "guimode", entering Q after the prompt
The console attaches itself to this gui from which you entered the consolemode

Not all Gui4Cli commands can be used from the console
This means
- no Events can be declared
- no global commands defining the initial gui window (changes are rexx capable eg CHANGEGADà
- no control & loop commands IF, WHILE, DOCASE ...

But you can use not only the rexx capable commands but in principle all other commands

The recently added CHANGEWBOX works OK, so you can manipulate position & sizes of application windows (not just GUi4Cli "gui's")

You can manipulate files loaded in a listview and even if you did not add an editing capability to
your gui, you can delete lines, insert, modify lines and save the results where you want.
Of course you need to know the Gui4Cli language.

Lets not forget the CLI and the RUN commands allowing you to use the same shell for 'normal' DOS commands

Important remark: The console used can be set to the normal Amiga console CON: or to say KCON: in your Gui4Cli prefs
You can use the history to repeat former Gui4Cli or CLI commands easily.

- Present limitations; work is now ongoing on some rexx capable commands that are more difficult to implement
GOSUB, BRANCH & setting of variables, once this is solved, your console gets a major power boost.

04 march 2012
Have been translating the Gui4Cli guide in Dutch. The main parts describing the language
are translated.
The individual commands are not. I'll translate the main parts in French first

I am investigating the possibility for the user to define additional mathematical
functions in Gui4Cli. Examining what you can do allready without changing the source, i found the 'translation' possibilities of Gui4Cli to be more powerfull still, than expected.
You can define shorthands for new functions allready (in fact for 'function
+variablenales is more correct.) Look here : Math_.gc

As an illustration of how Gui4Cli can be used in 'early prototyping' i added WhichHit?.gc
An easy method to create a 'hitlist' and answer the question "What are the gadgets most used?" Distributing an application with such a Gui4Cli interface to 'early testers', would allow easy collection of interesting data allowing you to optimize your gui.

18 february 2012
Gui4Cli knows 3 methods of redrawing (part of) a gui window
- ReDraw       GuiFile
- PartReDraw   GuiFile L T W H
- GadReDraw    GuiFile LeftGad Top Right Bottom Offset

You have to use these after you changed (with other commands: ChangeArg, ChangeGad ) something to the gui, in order to make the change effective.

Of course PartRedraw & GadRedraw are faster.
Till now however, and this appeared first on OS4 Workbench public screen with its thick borders, when you used those faster redraws you had some rendering issues: redrawn gadgets did not reappear exactly where expected.
To avoid that you had to add one command after the GuiOpen command
GuiOpen #this
Redraw #this

You had also to add "Redraw #this' in a 'jump' event
xONJUMP Myvar ;// event
Redraw #this
to redraw the gui correctly when jumping to an other public screen. (which you can do using Ctl_J on the active gui.
You don't need this any longer

The problem was minor, but itchy to me. After much unfruitful work i got the final clue from Thomas in this forum . Thanks again

9 february 2012 PM
Resizing a gui with ChangeGad Mygui 0 L T W H ''" and negative width & height now work as documented

8 february 2012 PM
Resizing of a gui with the "ChangeGad Mygui 0 L T W H ''" command has always been possible
Contrary to the documentation changing top & left was not.
This limitation has been removed. Use of -1 to keep left or/and top to same position works too. Use of negative values for width & height do not work as documented (should do the same as for WINBIG : adapt the gui window to screen dimensions minus the given wvalues.

8 february 2012 AM
I have been busy tracking some bugs in the AOS4 version of Gui4Cli
- the directory listviews in 'devices' view showed strange values for the sizes
- problems with the generation of the size of directories in a directory listview (LVaction SIZE)
- The loading of the Gui4Cli.gc 'prefs' gui, via the Gui4Cli appmenu crashed.

Both bugs seemed to appear with one of the newer OS4.1 updates.

Those problems are resolved. Most were due to the use of FileInfoBlock and deprecated functions (Examine ExNext). Rewriting and debugging Gui4Cli functions took a lot of time.

The hunting down of the last bug proved especially difficult, since the crash appeared systematically in a 'makeupper' function, and the cause was the call of a function 3 or 4 steps higher in the stack


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