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GetFile gadget, long path names and how to deal with them NOTE: A working example of how things look like is uploaded to OS4Depot under the name of 'longpathnames.lha'.
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The first steps of actual code have gone in...I still need to complete out the C wrapping the inline PowerPC Assembly and confirm the formatting of some details. there is an "Eproc" 2nd Interface defined for the Polymorph.Library,
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Hello again readers, In this blog I present to you a few code snippets I have written in Hollywood for various projects that I have been involved in, you are free to use them in any of your own projects; all I ask is that perhaps you give me a mention in the credits of your program somewhere.
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Perception IME and Polymorph VM have the following project repositories, With the following items, Perception.Library, Japanese.Language, Chinese.Language, Korean.Language drivers


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