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Designed purely for use on the latest version of AmigaOS, CodeBench is a management system that is modular to allow adaptation to various programming languages. Utilising a "project" based system, all files are grouped together by type and are easily accessible from the Project Window. Editing is a simple matter of selecting the required file and it is opened in the built-in editor. Creating the finished article from the project is a one click event from the toolbar.

Listed below is a basic description of the more important features of CodeBench.

  • Fully integrated editor
  • Integrated Clip Manager
  • "Quick-Link" window
  • Integrated Build window
  • Asynchronous build process
  • Comprehensive Asynchronous Search
  • Recent List
  • User menus
  • Customisable display
  • Locale friendly
  • Dedicated scratchpad
  • Quick menu links
  • Context-sensitive menus
  • Context Sensitive Help system