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ShowFiles (sf) version 0.971, 27 July 2015. DIR/LIST command - displays a sorted and text-formatted list. ShowFiles (sf) is yet another DIR command (written in C). It displays a sorted and text-formatted list of files, drawers (dirs) and soft/hard-links on disk or other storage medium. It will also display their additional information such as size, date, possible comment, executable header type (68k or PPC program), protection-bits, etc, etc. It supports a number of different option/switch formats (Amiga like switches, Unix/Linux style and DOS/Windows style). It also supports wildcards/pattern-matching and Amiga templates. After installation, in the Shell, please type "sf HELP" (or "sf --help") for listing all options/switches. Or look in the .doc-file in the archive. Features - Abbreviated as SF or just sf, fast and easy to type in the shell. - Dirs/drawers are displayed in blue color (pen 3). - Hard/Softlinks are displayed underscored (underlined). - Shows where any Hard/Softlinks points to. - Possible comments are displayed in italic. - Displays the "primitive" file type of files. - Fetches and identifies executable headers. 68k, PPC (ELF), EXE, among others. - Displays the Amiga file protection bits of files. - Shows free disk space and sizes in KiB (1024), kB (1000) and bytes. - Options SIZE and TIME, for sorting by size and time/date. - Option REVERSE, for reversing the output list. - Options (FILES, DIRS & LINKS) for displaying only files, dirs or links. Or intermix them. - Option 68K, for only listing m680x0 (68k) executables (AmigaOS 3.x). - Option PPC, for only listing PowerPC (PPC) executables (ELF headers). - Option ALL, for showing all files and dirs in directories and subdirs. - Option to "trail" files with an initial character ('/', '*' or (at)-char). - Possibility to specify a path to display. - Supports wildcards/pattern-matching. - Option BARE, for listing without heading/summary information. - Shows OwnerUID, OwnerGID, UseCount and ObjectID (as reported by DOS). - Supports the ? switch, for showing the Template. - Supports multiple formats of options/switches (f.ex: TIME --time -t /T). - Supports automatic updates through AmiUpdate. - Written (in C) and developed on Amiga, for Amiga and Amigans. Displaying dir-listings There are 3 main OUTPUT VIEWS for displaying dir-listings, typing the following (without the "1>" string): 1> sf = displays all the files in current dir with the *DEFAULT* view. 1> sf MORE or 1> sf -m = displays a list with more specific information including what exe type a file is (PPC (ELF), 68k, exe etc.) 1> sf CLARIFY or 1> sf -c = displays an even more clarified list of specific information. More examples Options can be written in any of the four different types. For example MORE, --MORE, -m, /m, more and --more, are all the same option. However, one single letter options such as m, -p, P, /H, etc are case- sensitive, non-single letter options are not. 1> sf 68K or 1> sf -6 = lists only 68K executables. 1> sf TIME or 1> sf -t = sorts by time/date (oldest first). 1> sf TIME REVERSE or 1> sf -t -r = sorts by time/date (newest/latest first). 1> sf DIRS or 1> sf -d = displays only drawers (dirs). 1> sf SIZE REVERSE or 1> sf -s -r = displays a list of files sorted by size, the biggest at the top. 1> sf ALL or 1> sf -a = displays all files and dirs in a directory and its sub-directories. 1> sf sobjs: -l -c = displays only links in the dir/assignment called sobjs: 1> sf HELP or 1> sf --help or 1> sf -? or 1> sf /? = displays the help with a list of all switches/commands. Limitations - When fetching for exe-files (using MORE or CLARIFY option, sf doesn't (yet) recognize the architecture for MacOS files, it does only recognize if it's an exe-file (for what ever architecture) or not.) Installation Just run the file ShowFiles.Install, or: * Copy the file ShowFiles to your C: * Type the following and hit enter: C:MakeLink C:sf C:ShowFiles SOFT FORCE * Copy the documentation to SYS:Documentation/C/ * Done! Requirements Requires locale.library V48+ or DOS V50.36+ if locale not available. Changes Version 0.971: (Jul 2015) - Fixed bug, pattern matching in current dir failed. Version 0.970: (Jul 2015) - Pattern matching implemented. - Fixed bug, header background-color sometimes smearing to next line. - Fixed issue with template and option/command-info-format, a few working commands/options were missing in the printed output. - Fixed APP-string/name, leftover garbage ("DEBUG") removed from the string. - Included output of the EXTVER-tag to the version/help output. Version 0.960: (Sep 2014) - Added ? switch for showing the Template. - Added BARE option, for using bare format (no heading/summary information). - Safety improved, added more checks concerning memory (just to be sure). (Sentinels placed around memory allocations, about 20 in total.) - Corrected information in the HELP option. - Typos fixed in the Options-section and in the Readme file. - Added Format-info and Template-info to documentation. - Added small hidden message to binary (only #JustForFun, ~60 chars). - Added Milestones-section to documentation. Version 0.950: (Jun 2014) - Added REALDATE command, shows Date in format (yyyy-mm-dd). - Added DATEFIRST command, Date (and Time) column is as first column. - Bugfix/change: The few first protectionbits are seen now again in MORE view. This was little "too much of a feature" that looked broken. - Bugfix/change: The three first columns in the DEFAULT view removed, yes those should not be seen, please use option MORE instead to see those as well. - Added Extversion (EXTVER) tag/cookie. - Minor fixes in readme, among other small fixes. Version 0.943: (Feb 2014) - Bugfixed option ALL. This exact compile was *VERIFIED* thanks to Guillaume Boesel (zzd10h) on his A1-X1000 and Joel Edberg (Joeled) on his Sam460ex, and also tested on author's Sam440ep-flex. Version 0.942: (Feb 2014) - Bugfixed option ALL. (Edit: No bummer, still something fishy, sorry.) Version 0.942d1: (Feb 2014) - Debug-version for option ALL. (Thanks for testing Guillaume Boesel (zzd10h) on AmigaOne X1000 and Joel Edberg (Joeled) for testing on Sam460ex. Also runs fine on my (the author's) Sam440ep-flex with AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6.) Version 0.941: (Jan 2014) - AmiUpdate fix, AutoInstall file included again, it did escape for some mysterious reason ( ;) ) in the last archive. (Thanks zzd10h) - Option for showing the manual has been removed (since it's ever growing) and at least 10 KiB (20%) has been shaved off the ShowFiles executable. See the .doc file instead in the archive or SYS:Documentation/C/ShowFiles.doc. - Fixes in readme/documentation, some last minute typos did crawl into the last upload. Version 0.940: (Jan 2014) - Bugfix for DSI crash in option ALL, reported by Guillaume Boesel (zzd10h), resulting in a total rewrite of the ALL-option specific part. - Fixed bug, row-break/new-line issue in the footer. - Much improved error handling and stability with more graceful exit. - In addition to above, fixed/updated several error-messages, numbered them as well for referencing purpose. - Added 68K, --68k, -6 and /6 option(s) for only listing all 68k executables. - Added PPC, --ppc, -P and /P option(s) for only listing all PPC (ELF) executables. - CHANGE: All one single letter options such as a, -m, /? are now case sensitive, where as non-single-letter options are not. This is because available free letters for more options are becomming scarce. - Changed single letter option h to ? (because of above reason). - Added get_verstag function for returning the VERSTAG. - Comments in output are now in italic black on grey for better visibility. - Output header now in bold on grey for better visibility. - Output footer now in italic for better visibility. - Dirs in output are now also in bold for better visibility. - Other minor bugfixes and further fixes and typos in readme/documentation. Version 0.930: (Jan 2014) - ALL option added, for displaying all subdirectories and their items. - File installation structure changed, no dir with extra files copied to C: or anywhere else anymore. - Changed so "PPC" is shown rather than "elf" in dir listings. - Compiled with the latest updated SDK (version 53.24). - Typos and minor fixes in readme/documentation. Version 0.923: (Dec 2013) - Bugfix regarding links not being underlined or marked in output. (PS: That bug was kind of hard to track and hunt down but now resolved ;) ) - File comments and link arrows now also in white (pen 2). - More bugfixes in AutoInstall, Install and UnInstall scripts. Version 0.922: (Dec 2013) - Bugfixes in AutoInstall, Install and UnInstall scripts. - Minor typos in readme fixed. Version 0.921: (Jan 2013) - Moved AutoInstall to the root. Version 0.92: (Dec 2012) - Fixed bug, "Total size listed is always 0 in the footer." - Fixed the AutoInstall, there were some unknown parameters (oops). - Changed the footer info so files and dirs are separate, and items is the total of those, among other minor there in the footer. Version 0.91: (Dec 2012) - Fixed a serious bug introduced in version 0.9 after adding options. - Changed file structure, Install, Uninstall and AutoInstall scripts to the one structure suggested by cha05e90, where no dir is created C: . - Added credits and made lots of improvments to the documentation, except for what's new. - Changed the primitive file type "Exe" back to "Exec" (as it was in the beginning), since "Exe" is a type of Executable-Header). - Fixed a few other minor bugs (AmiUpdate bug among others (hopefully)). Version 0.9: (Dec 2012) - Added options for FILES, DIRS, and LINKS, it is also possible to intermix them. - Changed the name for "EHead" to "Exe" (and "eh" to "e"). - Fetching of exe-headers -> little faster (some code cleaned up there). - Updated Install/Uninstall scripts further, to be more safer and error resistant, and typos fixed. - Updated the documentation some further, except for documenting what's new. - Output slightly changed. ....//snip// (See the doc/manual for more information.) Thank You Thank you to everyone giving help, feedback, bug/error-reports and suggestions. Licence This software is freeware. Donation Feel free to make a donation by using PayPal: marko . seppanen // g m a i l. com (without spaces) Author Marko K. Seppänen Homepage