Porting an SDL based app, but everything is blue

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Porting an SDL based app, but everything is blue

Hello all,
I am experimenting the last couple of days on porting an application to AmigaOS 4. It is written in C and Lua, and uses SDL 2 for the window and drawing. This is the first port I am doing and especially something that uses SDL.

I managed to make it compile and run, but it is still very premature.
When I run it all the colours are off, and you can see that in the image below. That should be dark grey but it is blue :D

I assume this might have to do with endianess, but I am not sure what to check for. I checked if there is RGB specified somewhere on SDL code, but didn't find anything.

Also, when I resize the window, it seems the graphics are broken.

What I would like for now guys, is to ask you if there are any SDL defines that I should use or if you could point me in the right direction to understand where the problem is.

Thank you in advance.