flawfinder for AmigaOS 4

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flawfinder for AmigaOS 4

Hello everyone.
I want to let you all know that today I prepared a release of Flawfinder 2.0.19 for the AmigaOS 4. Flawfinder is a tool for developers, and as the author mentions:

Flawfinder searches through C/C++ source code looking for potential security flaws. To run flawfinder, simply give flawfinder a list of directories or files. For each directory given, all files that have C/C++ filename extensions in that directory (and its subdirectories, recursively) will be examined. Thus, for most projects, simply give flawfinder the name of the source code’s topmost directory (use ‘‘.’’ for the current directory), and flawfinder will examine all of the project’s C/C++ source code. Flawfinder does not require that you be able to build your software, so it can be used even with incomplete source code.

Inside the archive, you will find the documentation in HTML and pdf. Flawfinder is a python script but it should be able to execute it as a plain command from anywhere, as long as it is in your path, or by providing its full location.

The very basic way to use it is:
flawfinder src/

There is a way to generate the findings in HTML format as well. Have a look at the documentation.

You can find it at https://git.walkero.gr/walkero/flawfinder/releases/tag/2.0.19r1-amiga and soon on OS4Depot.

Please, let me know what do you think of it and if you find such tools useful.