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Application Library examples

Hi All,

Anyone have good examples for using the Application library. Specifically I'm looking to disable and enable the screen blanker from an app (AmiVNC).


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There is code to do that in

There is code to do that in CDXLPlay (source code is included):

The code is in main.c play() and pause() functions and is just:

  1. // disable screenbkanking
  2. SetApplicationAttrs(AppID,
  3. APPATTR_AllowsBlanker, FALSE,
  4. TAG_END);
  1. // enable screenblanking
  2. SetApplicationAttrs(AppID,
  3. APPATTR_AllowsBlanker, TRUE,
  4. TAG_END);

AppID is the ID you received from the RegisterApplication() function call.

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Re: Application Library examples

Or you can allow/disallow the blanker at app registration time, instead of calling SetApplicationAttrs() later:

AppID = IApplication->RegisterApplication("Application Name", REGAPP_AllowsBlanker, FALSE, TAG_DONE);

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I pinged Vincente Gimeno and

I pinged Vincente Gimeno and he was kind enough to create a quick bit of code that compiles and sends a message to kick in the blanker:

  1. #include <proto/dos.h>
  2. #include <proto/exec.h>
  3. #include <proto/application.h>
  5. ULONG AppID;
  6. struct ApplicationMsg *AppMsg;
  8. int main(void)
  9. {
  10. /* Registering our Application, this function returns a unique Application ID
  11. * to allow it to receive or send messages to/from other applications
  12. */
  14. AppID=IApplication->RegisterApplication(NULL,
  15. REGAPP_URLIdentifier, "",
  16. REGAPP_LoadPrefs, TRUE,
  17. REGAPP_SavePrefs, TRUE,
  18. REGAPP_FileName,"blankertest", // if the FileName doesn't match the real file name from the executable, it fails registering
  19. REGAPP_NoIcon,TRUE,
  20. REGAPP_UniqueApplication, TRUE, // this will avoid that this app could be running more than once, depending on your application this may apply or not.
  21. TAG_DONE);
  23. if (AppID)
  24. {
  25. //We allocate memory for the application message
  26. if (( AppMsg = (struct ApplicationMsg *)IExec->AllocVec(sizeof(struct ApplicationMsg),MEMF_SHARED|MEMF_CLEAR)))
  27. {
  28. // Once we have an allocated ApplicationMsg, we send the application message from AppID (us) to 0 (broadcast to all)
  29. IApplication->SendApplicationMsg(AppID, 0, AppMsg,APPLIBMT_BlankerBlank);
  30. // And free the Application MSG
  31. IExec->FreeVec(AppMsg);
  32. }
  34. // Wait a little, we cannot wait for any keypress or mouse movement because it would disable the screenblanking directly ;)
  35. IDOS->Delay(600);
  37. /* Same process as before, we send a message to all aplications, it doesn't matter because all non-blanker applications will ignore this message anyway.
  38. * we could still get the blanker application name to obtain the Application ID, and use it instead of broadcasting, the usage would be:
  39. * SenderID = IApplication->FindApplication(FINDAPP_Name,"blanker app name",TAG_DONE);
  40. * the msg would then be sent to the SenderID application:
  41. * IApplication->SendApplicationMsg(AppID, SenderID, AppMsg,APPLIBMT_BlankerUnBlank);
  42. */
  44. if (( AppMsg = (struct ApplicationMsg *)IExec->AllocVec(sizeof(struct ApplicationMsg),MEMF_SHARED|MEMF_CLEAR)))
  45. {
  47. IApplication->SendApplicationMsg(AppID, 0, AppMsg,APPLIBMT_BlankerUnBlank);
  48. IExec->FreeVec(AppMsg);
  49. }
  50. // Once we finish, we tell application.library that our app is no longer registered to the system.
  51. IApplication->UnregisterApplication(AppID, NULL);
  52. }
  53. else
  54. IDOS->Printf("Error registering the Application\n.");
  55. }
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ok, after being Amiga-less

ok, after being Amiga-less for a little while, i was too eager to get coding again, so i cooked this little tool to help debugging Application.library message sending.

Should be available soon over Os4 Depot:

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Thanks to Ami603 I've got a

Thanks to Ami603 I've got a private build of AmiVNC4 that will disable the screen blanker when the client connects. Seams to work too. PM me if you want to give it a try.

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