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major forum bugs on

Posting here is actually rather difficult at the moment, because clicking on Forum or OS4 Developers corner gives the following error message:

warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/clients/client1/web17/web/sites/all/modules/advanced_forum_more_styles/styles/minimal/ on line 35.

i.e. I cannot easily get a list of the forum areas, which means making new posts (in anything like the correct forum) requires a bit of hoop jumping. Some people may simply not bother, particularly if UtilityBase ever comes back.

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Not related to topic, but

Not related to topic, but related to os4coding itself: it is possible somehow to see list of registered members ? All what can i found, its only who are new , but not the whole list (which are interesting, because some users fill some interesting info in their profiles).

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@ChrisH Thanks for your

Thanks for your report. I think that now it is ok, with no errors shown.

I will create one, with search maybe. I will inform you about this. Thanks for asking it.

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