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Hello readers,

Over the following months I'll be posting some source code examples using my base:library which is available (as an older version which will be shortly updated) on OS4Depot.

The base:library contains many useful functions for creating:

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GDB for beginners.

1. Introduction.
2. What is GDB?
3. First steps.
4. Final words.
5. Quick reference.
6. Links.


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A lot of software makes use of menu's. Menu's are a means for the user to perform certain actions with the application. Often even the simplest applications have a menu built in, beit small, beit extensive and all variations in between.

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1. Introduction

The complexity of the user interface of a program can increase along with the features of the program itself, and finding a healthy balance of usability and functionality is sometimes more difficult than you might think.

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At the time of writing I've finalized a long overdue general system cleanup. To my pleasure I found it still booting properly, so it MUST somehow commenced as desired.


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