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UPDATE: As I am busy with Jack, this project is on hold until further notice. Might be able to program it in Hollywood once I've got a working multi-lined text box. Source Libraries Required
  • - LibCurl
  • - Collection of functions, and classes for string manipulation.
  • - XML Parser Library
Miscellanous All C++ tools to share workbench screen Set up Amiga to local network for backup purposes Knowledge required: Reading C++ Language Tutorial to refresh my experience Need to fully explore, understand and probably build myself common routines for: [list] [*]Image loading 1) Detect File Type 2) How to open a requester, listing filtered by support image types above 3) Load PNGs, GIFs or JPG... WebP would be nice also. 4) Load image into an object 5) Scale image/object [*]XML Handling 1) Read a plain text file/xml file 2) Parse the XML file into an array or structure so I can... a) Address tag data b) Manipulate and add new tag data into the structure 3) Write the plain text file/xml file back to disk. [*] GUI Learn AVD from Jamie Krueger at BitByBit Software Group ( inside out. [*]Upload Does AmigaOS4 come with a Curl command as standard? Curl method: 1) How to call an external command using C++? 2) Act on its result If not implement this myself, which will require routines for: 1) Check an internet connection is available 2) Reach an FTP Site 3) Upload a file 4) Provide a progress bar 5) Check file has finished uploading 6) Error handling Anticipated features of finished application:
  • Add Elements to Feed, user can pick from 3 templates
    • 1) Image, Bold Title, Description
    • 2) Image, Description
    • 3) No Image, Bold Title, Description
  • Support for GIF, JPG, PNG and perhaps WebP images
  • Publish to FTP Server with integrated preferences
  • Support for multiple RSS feed editing
  • Publish Later feature