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Reaction documentation

I'm looking to learn Reaction programming. I've found this forum, the guide on os4depot, and a couple example articles on this site and of course have the SDK. Is that the comprehensive set of documentation for Reaction? Is that all current or has Reaction progressed since and needs new guides to be written? Is there more on the now absent utilitybase? Are there accessible archives from there?

How up to date is the emperor gui builder tool?

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Re: Reaction documentation

ReAction is just a set of classes for the Intuition BOOPSI framework, so the original Commodore documentation on BOOPSI (in the ROM Kernel Manual: Libraries) still holds good - although there are things that are done differently in ReAction:

  • First and foremost, ReAction GUIs are based on an automatic layouting system while the original BOOPSI used absolute gadget positions and sizes (= it was the user's responsibility to adapt the GUI to window- or font size changes).

  • Second, ReAction uses a different way to handle input events; see section 4.4 of my first ReAction tutorial.

ReAction currently lacks a comprehensive manual; you unfortunately have to study the old docs, the SDK examples and the scarce tutorials here and there.

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RE: Emperor Its mediocre at

RE: Emperor

Its mediocre at best. AVD seems to be the software IDE everyone is waiting for - well I know I am. - Discover Amiga, Discover
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