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Published or Unpublished blog content
We introduced a new feature for your blog posts, that you requested. Now you can publish or unpublish your blog posts. This way you can write a blog post and keep it unpublished, in case you want to finish it later. Blog posts that you keep unpublished you can find at your account first page, in the section "My blog posts". How you can do that? When you write a new blog post, at the end of the form there is a checkbox for publishing the content. By default it is checked, but you can uncheck it and then your content will not be visible to anyone. If you think that the default should be unchecked, please tell me so, and I will change it. If you have any more recommendations, or if it doesn't work for you as it should, please answer in this topic.
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Thank you very much for
Thank you very much for adding this feature! I was used to having it back in UtilityBase times, and it was the only feature I was missing here on It seems to be working as expected.
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