manipulate output with SelectOutput()

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manipulate output with SelectOutput()
In the Gui4Cli source this part reacts to a change in console output specification (con:0/0/.. etc) done with the Gui4Cli interpreter command Set output
  1. case OUTPUT :
  2. Printf("Set Output %s %s",param, val);
  3. if (DEFcpOPEN) Close (DEFcp);
  4. DEFcp = ZERO; //OS4 was NULL, Global variable
  5. DEFcpOPEN = 0;
  6. if ((DEFcp = Open (val, MODE_OLDFILE)))
  7. {
  8. Printf("Set Output %s opened",val);
  9. SelectOutput (DEFcp);
  10. DEFcpOPEN = 1; /// global variable too
  11. stccpy (Defconsolespec, val, 125);
  12. }
  13. else Printf ("*ERR: Invalid Console spec:\n->%s", val); // we do see this
  14. break;
The Gui4Cli user doc doc only considers respecification of the console. However ( i don't have a printer connected) set OUTPUT PRT: works if the printer preference is set to using printtofile.device. Only problem there i can't get rid of an initial requester asking to define the output file. I tried to use set output RAM:output but got the erroor message above, i don't understand why
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MODE_OLDFILE opens the file
MODE_OLDFILE opens the file for reading. If it does not exist, Open() fails. Using a file opened for reading with SelectOutput() seems stupid to me.
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Thanks Thomas, failing to
Thanks Thomas, failing to see the obvious. Since i could change to a new CON: or even to PRT: i did not suspect the MODE_OLDFILE I still wonder why the author chose it. with MODE_NEWFILE the program works as expected.
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IIRC MODE_OLDFILE was used for CON: window specifications in the 1.3 days. So it might have been the standard thing to do. But I might need to check that.
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