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Ghost an image
I have loaded and scaled an image
  1. if (IGraphics->CompositeTags(
  2. COMPOSITE_Src, OrigBM, ScaleBM,
  3. COMPTAG_ScaleX, COMP_FLOAT_TO_FIX(ScaleFactorX),
  4. COMPTAG_ScaleY, COMP_FLOAT_TO_FIX(ScaleFactorY),
  5. TAG_DONE) != COMPERR_Success)
  6. {
  7. if (ScaleBM != NULL)
  8. IP96->p96FreeBitMap(ScaleBM);
  9. }
I would like to give it a "ghosted/disabled" look. I added COMPTAG_SrcAlpha,COMP_FLOAT_TO_FIX(0.75), It looks ok on some images/colors, but terrible with white images. Just like when you open Workbench window and do Show All and the C/Devs/S folders are ghosted. Something simple that can be done on the fly quickly.
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maybe this os4doding thread
maybe this os4doding thread will be of some help.
AOS4.1/SAM460ex/PPC460EX-1155MHZ/2048MB/RadeonHD6570/SSD120GB/DVDRW :-P
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