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db101 usage

It is not clear to me how you can set breakpoints elsewhere than in the main() containing source module.
This is the only one that is visible in the LV.

Are the breakpoints saved somewhere? If not automatically how can you do this ?

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Maybe you just mislead button

Maybe you just mislead button "breakS" with "break" and didn't press on it ?:)

You can set break manually (not from main gui) by pressing on "breaks" button (right-top of window), where you can choice or to set break to any symbols avail in your binary (that include even crt0 and co) or just on address you need (by pressing on Address field , type it here and press "add").

All list of breakpoints (and those ones which you set via gui over sources, and those ones which you set manually in "break" subwindow): all stored in the left part of "breaks" window.

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I did press on the "breaks"

I did press on the "breaks" button and then get indeed a very large list of symbols, but they are not ordered in a way i can find easily the one i want.
In gdb you can set a breakpoint to a function if you know the name of the function. This is what i want to do. The functions are those that appeared in the stacktrace of the bug i want to remove.
Is this possible and how with db101 ?

Now about "storage" of the breakpoints. I do experience freezes with this bug, and starting up again i am under the impression the sole breakpoint i was able to set, was gone.
So question is can i store and save the added breakpoints before testing further, so as to survive this freeze?

My "main" containing module is much larger than 999 lines, and i had no simple way to recognise the line where i wanted to put the breakpoint. A find in the left LV would be great. if the 999 limit cannot be removes.

Here in this LV at least i was able to set an usefull breakpoint. But the question now is , do other modules appear too in this LV?, Can you select them in some way too appear ?

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This is how it works: In the

This is how it works:

In the right listview you have your list of source files for the current executable. When you click either one of them, the text will be brought up, and you can set breakpoints on any line with actual code connected to it.

There is currently not a lot of functionality in regard to searching and sorting of symbol names. This is not super-hard to do, but first priority has been to get the basic functionality up and running first. Saving of breakpoints is a little tricky, but I will consider looking into it at some point.

Interesting to know, that there are actually people using (or trying to anyway) db101. :)

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@alfkil thanks for

thanks for responding

The problem seems to be that in the right window only one of the modueles was shown (the one containing main() : gui.c
This may be due to the fact that the author named all other modules something.h although they contain the major part of the coding.
I tested the idea above , renamed one of the files something.h files to something.c
and changed in gui.c
#include something.h
#include something.c
this compiles and works ok but, the right LV of Debug 101 still only shows the gui.c file.
What can be the cause then?

gcc guis:Dev/Gui4Cli_Dev/G4C_18/Gui.c -gstabs -lauto -N -o g18:gui4cli

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