Anyone try and create a MorphOS binary runner?

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Anyone try and create a MorphOS binary runner?

Hi guys.

I also asked this in the Facebook Amiga coding group but thought I would start a discussion here.

So for a long time now there has been OS4Emu. Proof that programs using OS4 API and ABI can run on MOS. But, can the opposite be true?

I've always wondered if MOS code could run on OS4. But I've never come across any examples of anyone trying. Did anyone try and do this? Even with a simple Hello World? I think it would be possible.

Depending on how complex a program is the EmulHandle just needs to be simulated so A/Box library calls work. But first they must be loaded in. OS4 uses elf executables, but MOS uses elf relocatables. The OS4 elf.library can load that in, but then it needs proper loading into executable space, and I'm not aware of any automatic function to do so. Perhaps a combination of elf loader and relocating by hand.

What are peoples thoughts on the whole idea?