How to start with development for AmigaOS 4

Do you have an idea about an application that doesn't exist on AmigaOS and you don't know where to start? Or you would like to learn to program and you want to understand what tools are available for you to use? You wanna create a new full-featured web browser and be our hero?

During this video you will find information about:
► What is the SDK, what is included, how to install it and what can you do with it
► How to compile your first program and the SDK examples
► The best IDE called CodeBench and how to start your new project using it
► The alternative 68k IDE called CubicIDE, its pros and cons, how it works under AmigaOS 4 and how can you change the way it works
► The excellent CygnusEd 5 which is available in PPC and 68k binaries
► A small preview of the Lite XL, a new cross-platform editor that recently I ported to AmigaOS 4

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