Best development tools for you to thrive

So you decided to develop a new application for AmigaOS. That's great. Enjoy the ride. Let's have a look at some helpful applications that will make your life easier, and some more editors, because a few of them are never enough. And at the end, a preview of the newest version of Lite XL 2 which I am currently working on.

During this video you will find information about:
► The Annotate editor, its pros and cons, and how you can use it to manage your projects
► Did anyone say Vim? Yeap, Vim is available on AmigaOS 4 and if you are familiar with it, coming from other systems, you will feel at home.
► From the 68k world, there is MaxonDev 4.0 Pro which can also be used fine under AmigaOS 4
► AutoDoc viewers are necessary to navigate into these document files and find the necessary information. In this video, I present you the AutoDocReader, the AutoDocViewer and the SDKBrowser, their features and strong characteristics for you to try and decide which is the best for you.
► A small early preview of Lite XL 2, with all the new features that are currently available, better manipulation of tabs and faster response. I even compare it with some awesome native editors, talking about its pros and cons.

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