Striping pens

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Striping pens
Are the pens (colors) for the list browser striping "standard" pens/colors or a custom specified color? If pen, which number?
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I remember that in
I remember that in 'AssignView' I tried to apply row-oriented striping by using 'LISTBROWSER_Striping'-tag with the appropriate value and it DID work, but I really did not like the results. So I fiddled with 'LBNCA_BGPen'-tag instead, using/allocating 2 pens: a light pen and a dark pen. This I found to give more satisfying results, when allocating a 3rd pen providing even a way to apply triple-striping: light, medium, dark, medium. Triple-striping I found to be more pleasing to the eye in case of a very wide listbrowser. OldFart
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